Advices on tow rope

When you are travelling by car, it is wise to always come prepared for unexpected events. We recommend keeping a tow rope in the car. Tow ropes can be looped around a vehicle frame or axle and can be used to pull cars that have broken down, for a short period of time.

When you are towing, first make sure how much weight the tow rope can pull. After this, take the tow rope out of its case and properly secure it to both cars. 

·         Most vehicles have solid mounting points or steel loops underneath the bumpers, only mount your hooks there. Never attach a tow rope to your bumper or anything that is not solid steel or not mounted firmly on your car.

·         When you have both ends securely hooked in at the right places, you are ready to pull. Keep in mind to:

·         Never pull an unattended vehicle

·         Never tow at highway speeds, drive slowly and smoothly

·         Always keep the tow rope tight during towing

Beware that towing is potentially dangerous: professional recovery is always recommended.