How Much Weight Should You Use For a Towing Rope?

Many companies have been using tow ropes for years for carrying and hauling items. For years the use of tow ropes for hauling has been growing at an alarming rate and now you can use the ropes to carry anything from small things like garden tools, to larger items like grain.

The Fall Harvest season in 2020 just was very wet and muddy all over the Midwest. This was due to all this rain falls throughout the summer. Having many heavy customers buy Champion Towing Ropes for tow pulls, grain carts, and lawnmowers to haul out their equipment safely. To determine the right size of the Champion Towing Ropes to properly pull the load safely and match the strength rating of your equipment to the Tensile Strength Rating on the Champion Towing Rope you need to first measure the strength rating of your load to the Tensile Strength Rating on the Champion Towing Rope.

This is the amount of force needed to pull your load with the tow rope you are using. For example, if you are using a tow rope for hauling out a piece of grain then the Tensile Strength Rating of this load needs to be around 4500 lbs. This means that if you are tugging this load by hand it would take at least four hundred pounds of pulling pressure to actually get this load to be lifted.

When you are trying to lift a load of this weight using the tow rope you need to make sure that the load is pulled up as much as possible without letting any more weight than that on top of the tow rope. Using the wrong size tow rope to pull a load is not only unsafe but it could cause the load to blow away and damage something else or even hurt someone.

When using the tow rope to tow things that are more heavy you need to make sure that you are putting more weight on the rope and that you are not pulling a load with so much pulling pressure that it breaks and causes a wreck on someone's property or a person's vehicle. If the load is too light then it could break and the tow rope could be damaged because of the load being too light. when using the tow rope to haul your equipment it is important to have enough tow ropes to pull the load safely in order to ensure the safety of whoever is driving the vehicle.

So while there are many uses for tow ropes there are some uses that will not need as much weight on the rope to safely lift and move the load. There are some uses that will have to have a higher strength rating for that extra pulling power to help pull out more than a single load. The purpose of the Tow rope is to get the load off of the ground safely and keep from getting hurt.