The choice of towing rope length

Towing rope length is the first thing we need pay attention when buying it.

In the rules of the road specify the range of values of the length of the tow rope, it is 4 to 6 meters. 

Be careful that some unscrupulous manufacturers indicate in the passport or in the instructions to the cable in one length, and in fact it is much smaller than claimed. 

Why such requirements to the length of the tow rope? 

The answer is simple - for reasons of traffic safety. 

Using a very short cable (less than 4 m) is very high probability that the driver of the towed vehicle will not have the time to step on the brakes and hit the rear of the towing vehicle. 

During operation if the towing rope is too long (length more than 6 m) is much more complicated maneuvering on the road, which may lead to an accident as well.