Use Bungee Ball Ties in the Garden and Home

You can use bungee balls, or toggle balls, to tie up firewood and kindling, tidy tools and items in the garage, and group together ski poles, skis, or fishing rods. They offer the ideal solution for tangled stored hosepipes and you can even loop them around rolls of carpet before storing them. Bungee balls also allow you to set up small plastic covers over trees and plants in colder months to protect them from freezing. In summer, use them to attach plants to stakes or trellises.

A bungee cord makes an excellent temporary gate latch. You can also use one to secure a gate above the latch, out of reach of toddlers and young children. It is ideal for securing 
seasonal decorations, such as Christmas lights or wreaths, to fences, mailboxes, and posts. Bungee ball ties make effective cable tidies for electrical cables or extra-long extension cords. Use them to hang a drop cloth when you carry out home improvement projects to contain the mess. Alternatively, use them to secure bags of pet food or to tie down recycling bin or garbage can lids.