Adjustable Flat Small 3.5mm Braided Elastic Band

Adjustable Flat Small 3.5mm Braided Elastic Band
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In the fierce global competition, we have rapidly developed technologies and Mini Bungie Cord, Tow Chains, Multi Ties Binder 2PC with independent intellectual property rights to enhance our comprehensive strength. We know that technological innovation is the source for enterprises to form core competitiveness and maintain competitive advantages. Our company has rich unique experience in brand image building and promotion. Sustainable development challenges such as climate change, material use, energy demand, water resource utilization, and health and safety have spawned new customer needs and legislative considerations.

8PC heavy duty 3/8" industrial bungee
 -contains 4pc 24", 4pc 32"
 -heavy duty 3/8 inch diameter elastic strap provides constant tension to keep cargo in place
 -heat treated & galvanized steel spring hooks
 -quality guarantee

Hardman Tools is one of the leading 8pc industrial strength bungee manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy discount or wholesale cheap and low price 8pc industrial strength bungee from our factory.

Each of our Adjustable Flat Small 3.5mm Braided Elastic Band is made of high-quality raw materials, which is the bearing of experience and creativity. Our company is constantly looking for the demand point of the international market in order to expand the international market. After years of unremitting efforts and development by all employees of the company, we have been well received and trusted by new and old customers.
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