Black PP Cargo Net for Lifting Goods

Black PP Cargo Net for Lifting Goods
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We make continuous efforts to really improve the quality of Webbing Net, Gear Tie Assortment, Carabineer Style Bungee and effectively drive the improvement of the quality of domestic related products. Our company may be lost occasionally, but we will never act behind closed doors. To provide customers with high-quality products and services, and the pursuit of mutual benefit is our eternal goal.

Basic Info


Trailer/cargo nets:

Type: PP multifilament cargo net and PE cargo net

Color: Green, black, red, white

Mesh size: 3cm-5cm

Thickness: 3mm-4mm

Size: 2mx1m 2.5mx1.5m 3mx1.65m 3.5mx1.8m 4mx2m 4.5mx2.5m 2mx3m 2.5mx3.5m 3mx4m other size are available.

Hardman Tools is one of the leading trailer/cargo net manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy discount or wholesale cheap and low price trailer/cargo net from our factory.

We always think about problems from the perspective of users and assist users in solving problems encountered in the process of using Black PP Cargo Net for Lifting Goods. In the course of our development, we have formed the traditional style and style of being honest and trustworthy, stressing practical results and fighting bravely. We hope that the company will not be shaken by the change of objective conditions, and further consolidate the business foundation of the enterprise and continuously improve the business level.
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