Custom Molded New Design OEM Silicone Rubber Band Strap

Custom Molded New Design OEM Silicone Rubber Band Strap
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With advanced technology, reliable quality and assured service, we are constantly striving to create the first brand in Toughest Bungee Tie Down, 5/16 Sports Bungee Cord, Pickup Cargo Net industry. Based on mature and advanced technology, we will provide customers with high-quality products with excellent product performance and reasonable prices. We make unremitting efforts to shape our image and improve the quality of service, we advocate brand service. We face the competitive market, according to our own characteristics, looking for self-expansion space. Our company integrates scientific research and production. We always pay attention to talents and scientific research investment.

OCCY STRAPS 6pc assorted value pack

10mm cord

100% latex core

5mm heavy duty hardened steel hooks

40% stronger than rubber

Lasts 2 times longer than rubber


Includes 2pc 30cm, 2pc 46cm, 2pc 61cm.

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Our company has a professional research and development and design team, we carry out Custom Molded New Design OEM Silicone Rubber Band Strap development from the perspective of industry development and user needs. Our company has a R&D and management team composed of high-quality elites, and has established a complete development and scientific research center. In the future, we will continue to innovate and surpass in development strategy, brand building, product R &D and business model!
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